From the vinification of

Malvasia grapes, native vine ​

variety of Lazio, it is ​

obtained a white wine with

yellow straw-colour shades,

aromatic complexity ​

and fruity floral marks.

The taste is full

with a wide frame

and a soft texture.​

14% vol


Pure Malvasia Puntinata 

14% vol

Pure Grechetto

Grechetto, an ancient

white grape,

gives birth to a wine ​

of great personality, ​

with greenish shades and

elegant fruity floral aroma.

The taste is full, soft, ​

classy with a sensation ​

of almond in the end.​


It is a white wine

obtained from the early

harvest of native ​

local grapes.

The wine has greenish shades

and soft fruity marks.

It is a dry , full,

alcoholic as  required,

well-balanced wine.

13% vol


IGT Lazio / Blend

14% vol

Virtù Romane comes from

the best grapes of

Malvasia Puntinata,

Trebbiano Verde, Giallo,

Toscano, Bellone, and Bonvino.

It is elegant, ​strong, 

complex, aromatic,

soft wine with a light ​

freshness in the end. 


Monte Compatri DOC