It is obtained from

the ageing of

the grappa in little barrels.

It is characterized

by a deep colour,

an aromatic fragrance,

a fruity aroma

and a floral


43% vol


Pure Malvasia aged Grappa 

43% vol

Pure Malvasia grappa

It is a white harmonic,

elegant, soft grappa,

with a floral and fruity

essence, and aromatic ​

herb marks.


A careful choise of elegant

vine varieties gives birth

to a lovely and

balanced barrel grappa,

with aromatic and lasting

fragrance and

cocoa butter

and vanilla marks.

40% vol


Barrel Grappa/Blend

40% vol


floral and fruity

and herbaceous,

fine and light fragrance

distillate an airy,

varieties give to the

The selected vine

soft and young character.

to this grappa with a

varieties gives birth

A blend of selected vine


White Grappa/Blend